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How to create a (web science) MOOC on wikiversity.

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In order to leverage to potential for connected education unfree alternatives like coursera, udacitz, iversitz an many more are entering the market. Those platforms offer a great user experience while consuming and creating content. Typical Learn management systems like OLAT do not have such a great user experience. Both platforms do not really support creating courses in a collaborative way. Mediawiki a software used for wikipedia but also for the german ZUM-Wiki is a spread alternative for learning materials. The problem is that the main purpose of media wiki is to build an encyclopedia and lack user experience for creating and consuming courses.

Rene Pickardt auf der OERde14 from Wikimedia Deutschland on Vimeo.

During the last years we crated the first MOOC on Wikiversity .
We created about 200 learning resources and learning paths around the topic of web science. Still learners had a bad user experience because the mediawiki software is not really interactive. Besides creating the learning materials we also extended the media wiki software to create a nice learning environment for the user.
In this talk we will:

15.01.15 - 10:15
B 016