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Generating network caricatures open discussion on user experiments and evaluation.

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In the hands on sessions at the off campus meeting earlier this year, we discussed methods for network visualizing.

We discussed how to map larger networks networks of fixed size with similar properties, in order to increase the value of network visualization.

And we discussed methods to visualize certain properties of the network in a human-perceivable form in order to emphasis on particular properties in the visualized. 

Finally, we developed a method to create network ‚caricatures‘.

Our method bases on a mapping of the property value in the original network to a range of this property, in which a human can clearly distinguish different values. 

These mapping function should be created from a series of user experiments and the results of our method should also be evaluated by user experiments. 

In the last weeks, we got intensive discussion on the design of the related user experiments and i would like to put our result up for discussion in the next oberseminars talk. 

In order to generate input from the group concerning the planned experiments and evaluation.

19.03.15 - 10:15
B 016