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TAGSwipe: Touch Assisted Gaze Swipe for Text Entry

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Chandan Kumar

The conventional dwell-based methods for text entry by gaze are typically slow and uncomfortable. A swipe-based method that maps gaze path into words offers an alternative. However, it requires the user to explicitly indicate the beginning and ending of a word, which is typically achieved by tedious gaze-only selection. This paper introduces TAGSwipe, a bi-modal method that combines the simplicity of touch with the speed of gaze for swiping through a word. The result is an efficient and comfortable dwell-free text entry method. In the lab study TAGSwipe achieved an average text entry rate of 15.46 wpm and significantly outperformed conventional swipe-based and dwell-based methods in efficacy and user satisfaction.

20.02.20 - 10:15
B 016