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Focused Exploration of Geospatial Context on Linked Open Data

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Dr. Thomas Gottron

The Linked Open Data cloud provides a wide range of different types of information which are interlinked and connected. When a user or application is interested in specific types of information under time constraints it is best to ex- plore this vast knowledge network in a focused and directed way. In this paper we address the novel task of focused exploration of Linked Open Data for geospatial resources, helping journalists in real-time during breaking news stories to find contextual geospatial information related to geoparsed content. After formalising the task of focused exploration, we present and evaluate five approaches based on three different paradigms. Our results on a dataset with 425,338 entities show that focused exploration on the Linked Data cloud is feasible and can be implemented at a very high levels of accuracy of more then 98%.

21.08.14 - 14:45
B 016