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Querying spatial data in the SemanticGIS project - Towards a new version of GeoSPARQL?

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Timo Homburg

The GeoSPARQL standard is used to define relations between geospatial objects in the semantic web and is in use in many contexts since its emergence in the year 2012. However, due to the experiences in the SemanticGIS project with our project partners we see that the standard cannot hold up to many application cases the GIS community is confronted with thereby hindering its adoption in the GIS community. In particular, lacking support for geometry manipulations, raster data and 3D or even nD coordinates is of concern. This talk presents GeoSPARQL-ext, an extension of GeoSPARQL solving many of the issues the geospatial community has with the current standard and presents application cases which could make use of the new functionality. An implementation of a prototype which is due to be added as a plugin to Apache Jena will be made available for testing.

22.08.19 - 10:15
B 017