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Leveraging Error Correction in Voice-based Text Entry by Talk-and-Gaze

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Korok Sengupta

We present the design and evaluation of Talk-and-Gaze (TaG), a method for selecting and correcting errors with voice and gaze. TaG uses eye gaze to overcome the inability of voiceonly systems to provide spatial information. The user’s point of gaze is used to select an erroneous word either by dwelling on the word for 800 ms (D-TaG) or by uttering a “select” voice command (V-TaG). A user study with 12 participants compared D-TaG, V-TaG, and a voice-only method for selecting and correcting words. Corrections were performed more than 20% faster with D-TaG compared to the V-TaG or voice-only methods. As well, D-TaG was observed to require 24% less selection effort than V-TaG and 11% less selection effort than voice-only error correction. D-TaG was well received in a subjective assessment with 66% of users choosing it as their preferred choice for error correction in voice-based text entry.

23.01.20 - 10:15
B 016