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The CrowdResearch Project: Involving a Crowd in Crowdsourcing Research

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In the last years, crowdsourcing has become a popular technique for evaluating systems, as well as for cleansing, enhancing and labeling data. While there are many success stories both in research and industry, there are still many challenges to overcome. In this talk, I would like to share the experience of participating in a project led by Stanford University called CrowdResearch, which tries to address (at least) some of these challenges. The main goal of the project is to "design and develop the next-generation crowdsourcing platform" from a research perspective. The extraordinary aspect of the project is that it has been crowdsourced: there is a whole international crowd of participants, consisting of junior and senior researchers, software engineers and data scientists from industry, and crowd workers (i.e., people who accomplish micro and macrotasks). I would like to describe the way in which we have collaborated and the results the project is obtaining, because I think it is definitely a very innovative and interesting way to do research.

23.07.15 - 10:15
B 016