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Multimodal Handsfree Web-Browser.

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Min Ke

onventional browsers with mouse and keyboard input mechanism are not adequate enough to provide means of interaction to motor-disabled people thus limiting them from accessing information on the Internet. There is a need for a web browser that they can interact with the help of assistive technologies. Evolution of eye-tracking systems and voice-command systems are playing an important role in bridging this gap and helping people with disability access content on systems equipped with such hardware. GazeTheWeb(GTW) browser is a hands-free browser controlled fully by eye tracker for disabled people. However, the problems of GTW are the structure of eyes yields a positional tolerance and a problem of being consciously controlled. Those problems lead to the cognitive workload and eyes overuse. Therefore, this thesis looks into optimizing GazeTheWeb by incorporating eye tracking technology and voice based user interaction and understanding the impact each has in terms of usability for a web browser. New voice commands for improved web browser has been implemented for better user experience. The comparison of experiments before and after implementation shows improved browser reduces the time of GTW and has more positive ratings in usability and design.

23.11.17 - 10:15
B 016