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Enriching the feature space of transfer learning in user analysis in online social networks

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Benjamin Zill

Wikipedia is the biggest, free online encyclopaedia that can be expanded by anyone. For the users, who create content on a specific Wikipedia language edition, a social network exists. In this social network users are categorised into different roles. These are normal users, administrators and functional bots. Within the networks, a user can post reviews, suggestions or send simple messages to the "talk page" of another user. Each language in the Wikipedia domain has this type of social network. In this thesis characteristics of the three different roles are analysed in order to learn how they function in one language network of Wikipedia and apply them to another Wikipedia network to identify bots. Timestamps from created posts are analysed to reveal noticeable characteristics referring to continuous messages, message rates and irregular behaviour of a user are discovered. Through this process we show that there exist differences between the roles for the mentioned characteristics.

24.01.19 - 10:15
B 016