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Implementation of Control Argumentation Frameworks with Answer Set Programming

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Lucio Galego

Is it possible to calculate how to win a debate? This seems to be an overly complicated problem in the beginning because of the uncertainty of arguments which can be used by any party. An answer to this question could perhaps be delivered by Dungs Argumentation Framework (AF) and one of its expansions: the Control Argumentation Framework (CAF). It is possible to primitively project the interaction of the arguments of an agent with arguments through CAFs that will be for surely used by its opponent and itself and also those which might will be used. This can be accomplished by splitting an Argumentation Framework in three parts: the fixed part, the uncertain part and the control part . The fixed part represents arguments and attacks that will surely be used. The uncertain part represents a given set of arguments and the attacks connect to those that may be used by the opponent and the control part represents the ones that can be used by the agent. The goal of this work is to implement a solver using answer set programming that search the spaces of arguments to find out if the agent is able or not to solve the problem of finding a combination of control arguments to achieve a desired outcome of an argumentation.

24.06.21 - 10:15
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