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Quintuple Extension of RDF and SPARQL

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Samuel Gros

In order to make statements about resources like people, websites or documents, the Resource Description Framework (RDF) is used. RDF data is represented as subject-predicate-object triples, where the subject is the described resource, the predicate is the defined property and the object indicates its value. The analysis of this data is simplified by storing the triples in specialised databases called RDF stores. In order to request data from these stores, the query language SPARQL is used.
Since an RDF store may contain data from different sources with varying levels of trustworthiness, it is important to store provenance information about the data and allow the users to request this information. For this reason, the focus of this bachelor thesis is to find or develop an RDF and SPARQL extension for storing and querying provenance information. Both extensions are implemented in an existing RDF store in order to evaluate them.

26.01.17 - 10:15
B 016