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ScaSpa: A way for SPARQL and description logics to cohabit with Scala

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Philipp Seifer

Graph-based data models allow for flexible data representation. In particular, semantic data based on RDF and OWL fuels use cases ranging from general knowledge graphs to domain specific knowledge. The flexibility of these approaches however make programming with semantic data tedious and error-prone. In particular the logics-based data descriptions used in OWL are problematic for existing error-detecting techniques such as type systems. In the LISeQ project, we investigate integration of such data descriptions and associated query languages into programming languages. In this presentation, we discuss the first publication (currently under submission) of this project: ScaSpa.
ScaSpa is an advanced integration of semantic data into Scala. We embed description logics, the logical foundations of OWL into the typechecking process of Scala. Additionally, we provide typed data access through an
embedding of the query language SPARQL. We evaluate the integration by comparing programs using our approach to equivalent programs using a state of the art library in several dimensions---difficulty and effort
using the Halstead metric, compilation and runtime performance as well, as the size of compiled artifacts. In addition, we discuss future work that is to be done in the LISeQ project.

26.07.18 - 10:15
B 016