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Querying the Semantic Web

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Martin Leinberger

The Semantic Web aims at converting the current web into a web of data. All data in the Semantic Web - be it Linked Data or publicly available Triplestores - adhere to the same data model. They are also both queryable through an either Link-Traversal based query approach or through SPARQL.

In theory, these standards allow a smooth integration into applications and even allow querying against the whole web of data if you combine Link-Traversal based querying with SPARQL. In practice however, the combination of both querying approaches into a single framework faces many challenges. In this talk, I examine these challenges based on a simple example application and discuss how these can be overcome in order to provide an abstraction layer that truly allows querying over the complete Semantic Web.

27.11.14 - 10:15
B 016