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Developing a company wide consolidated document management system for SAP

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Dominik Brosius

A common use case within SAP business applications is the retrieval of electronic documents from external archives via a HTTP based protocol called ArchiveLink. Typically, these documents are each being accompanied by a large set of contextual, application specific business data. SAP systems often serve not only multiple company sites, but also span across more than one branch of business - all implying specific views and schema. In such a setting, the task of consolidating a global company's existing document retrieval and management systems calls for special efforts. The talk will deal with the requirements and hardships to be faced and present our solutions for these kinds of problems. For the conclusion of this talk, I will then illuminate possible opportunities of applying concepts of the Semantic Web to this real-world development scenario in the light of both expanding use cases and growing teams.

30.04.15 - 10:15
B 016