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Marcelo Schiessl

I am a brasilian guest PhD student from University of Brasilia who is living for a year in Koblenz. I am an easy going person and enjoy listening to the music, playing the guitar, and reading good books in my free time. I wish I were a sportist, but unfortunatelly the only sport that I am able to practice is walking, but I am improving this skills here in Germany where evebody seems to love walking, hiking, and things related to move our body. This is great!

From the scientific side, I am graduated in Statistics and my Master Degree was in Information Science where I dealt with Text Mining. Currently, my research deals with Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web. Specifically, I am working on gerating natural language from RDF data. The challenge with this subject is that you might face some troubles when we try to apply the techniques in a language, e.g. English,  to another like my native language, Portuguese. I would say that I am in the begining of my research, and have a long path to run.