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Dr. Claudia Schon

B 124
+49 261 287-2773

I have been a research associate at WeST since October 2016. I am currently working in the DFG funded research project CoRg which aims at the construction of a cognitive computing system by modeling aspects of human reasoning like emotions and human interactions. I am also involved in the DFG funded research project EVOWIPE were we develop methods to intentionally forget parts of an ontology.

My research interests include artificial intelligence, in particular commonsense reasoning, the semantic web and logic (especially description logics).

Before joining the Institute for Web Science and Technologies, I was a member of the Artificial Intelligence working group at the University of Koblenz-Landau. In my dissertation, I developed methods for modifying the instance level of description logic knowledge bases and investigated precompilation techniques for description logic knowledge bases.

You can find more information on my homepage.

List of my publications at WeST see below. Further publications, e. g. at


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