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Dr. Thomas Gottron

B 124
+49 261 287-2862
gottron at

Coming originally from Mainz I joined the institute for Web Science and Technologies in 2010. The web is a part of my life for much longer. The possibilities to find and access information anytime and anywhere has always fascinated me. Furthermore, the web opens a window to the entire world. As I like to travel to foreign countries and meet other people, the web is the perfect medium to stay in touch with friends... and as scienteist you get the opportunity to travel the world for conferences and project meetings.

My research interests are in the field of Information Retrieval, Web Mining and Linked Data. Particularly exciting are research questions which combine these three areas. Thus I am working on , for instance, search systems for Linked Data, information extraction techniques for the web and data mining on Linked Data. My interests are also reflected in my teaching activities. I give lectures on Web Information Retrieval, Machine Learning and Data Mining as well as seminars and project courses on Linked Open Data and semantic web retrieval.