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Visualization of Page Transitions of Multiple Users on a Web Site


There exist various strategies to visualize an overview of the visited pages of a Web site. Especially when the exploration of multiple users should be aggregated in one overview, visits and revisits of unique pages must be visualized in a comprehensive manner. Today, there are various approaches to provide usability experts and Web site managers an overview of the user exploration on a site:
(i) lists, (ii) timelines (e.g., Google Analytics) or (iii) directed, potential cyclic, graphs (where each node is a unique page and the edges are transitions of users between pages).

The task of the student will be to survey current methods, explore graph visualization methods and graph metrics. The student should propose enhancements over the state-of-the-art and implement her ideas - alongside representatives of the state-of-the-art - as prototype Web-based software. The student will be provided with a dataset from the GazeMining project and should evaluate the proposed enhancements in a user study.


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