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Dr. Jérôme Kunegis

B 122
+49 261 287-2775

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When I passed my PhD in Koblenz, my colleagues gave my a t-shirt that summarizes my research interests. On it was written "Everything is a Network". My research interests indeed follow these lines:

Other interests of me include:

  • Web Science
    • Beside being part of the Institute for Web Science and Technologies at the University of Koblenz–Landau, I have been involved with the organization of the Web Science Conference and related Web Science workshops, and am also involved on multiple projects in which aspects of social sciences play a role. I have also been present on the Web Science conference roster since 2011.
  • Interestingness on Twitter
    • Since 2010, I have written multiple papers about the notion of interestingness as applied to postings on Twitter.
  • Tensor decomposition and joint diagonalization
    • In addition to matrix decomposition methods for graphs, I have written multiple papers on the use of tensor factorization and related methods to analyse graphs.

My Name

The correct spelling of my name is Jérôme Kunegis, including an acute accent on the first E and a circumflex accent on the O. I do not have other first names or a middle name.

The pronunciation of my name is [ʒe.ʁoːmʒis] in French and [ʒə.ˈʁoːm ku.ˈneː.ɡɪs] in German. (See French and German phonology)