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University of Koblenz-Landau doubly successful in AI Innovation Competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

19.09.19. More than 130 associations from science and industry have submitted concepts for the innovation competition "Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). After a pre-selection, a six-month conception phase and a final selection of the best innovation ideas, the BMWi has now announced the sixteen winning consortia. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Koblenz is involved in two of these consortia. [read more...]

Artificial intelligence to summarise doctor's letters in a comprehensible way

07.09.19. Many doctor's letters are difficult to understand. Artificial intelligence is supposed to process them on a massive scale so that doctors can better understand them. [read more...]

EU Project CUTLER: Successful first review meeting in Brussels

12.08.19. The EU project CUTLER’s progress was evaluated by EU project monitors and the project officer in the first review meeting at Brussels Coven Garden. The CUTLER consortium partners presented the scientific development, and series of demos showcasing project achievement in the first phase. Institute WeST was represented by Dr. Chandan Kumar and Jun Sun. We demonstrated our work on data extraction, analytics (topic modeling, sentiment analysis, opinion summarization), and visualization of social data (Twitter, GDELT, News comments, survey data). [read more...]

CLEARumor acheves the second place in the RumourEval competition

18.06.19. Recently, Ipek Baris and Lukas Schmelzeisen presented their CLEARumor system for determining rumor veracity and support at the SemEval workshop in Minneapolis, USA. The system achieved the second place in the RumourEval competition out of eleven submitted systems. The workshop was co-located with NAACL, the Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, one of the most important conferences in the field of natural language processing. [read more...]

EU Project Co-inform review meeting in Limassol

12.06.19.  The EU project Co-inform aims to empower citizens, journalists, and policymakers with co-created socio-technical solutions, to increase resilience to misinformation, and to allow more informed behaviours and policies. In the first week of June 2019, the mid-term review meeting brought together the nine international project partners in Limassol, Cyprus.  [read more...]

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