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Claudia Wagner becomes Assistant Professor for Computational Social Science at the Institute for Computer Science

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As of 1st April, the the Institute for Web Science and Technologies at University of Koblenz-Landau has a new member: Claudia Wagner begins her position as an Assitant Professor at the Institute for Computer Science and Institute WeST. The scope lies in Computational Social Science. Institute WeST is excited about the productive cooperation both in teaching and research!

The position has been established together with GESIS – Leibniz Institute  for the Social Sciences. There, Claudia Wagner is leader of the Data Science team at the department of Abteilung Computational Social Science.

Claudia Wagner investigates computational methods for analyzing and modeling social online and offline phenomena. She did her PhD at Graz University of Technology and her professional history brought her to HP Labs and Xerox PARC (USA) as well as to the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University (UK). More details about her can be found at her website:


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