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Best Poster Award for Explaining Co-editing at Wikipedia in Different Languages

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The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is available in almost 300 languages, but very few articles are available in all of these. Apparently, some topics are jointly picked up by particular communities while other Wikipedia editions cover different topics. Is this coincidence or are there any commonalities between communities that explain this co-editing?

Anna Samoilenko, PhD student of Professor Markus Strohmaier (GESIS/WeST) investigated this question. She found that certain sociolinguistic factors such as bilingualism, shared religion and the size of the populations together with geographic proximity are related to such co-editing. For this study Ann Samoilenko received the Best Poster Award at the International School and Conference on Network Science 2016 (NetSci-X), a premier conference in the field of network science. In 2016, around 300 researchers and practitioners met at the conference and at the poster session, 95 posters were presented.

Ann Samoilenko’s awarded work “Linguistic neighbourhoods: Explaining cultural borders on Wikipedia through multilingual co-editing activity” can be downloaded online.


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