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Computer Science in Koblenz is Excellent in Teaching and Research

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In Germany's CHE Ranking 2015/2016, the department of computer science at the University of Koblenz-Landau received top scores. In particular, the categories "studying situation as a whole" as well as "supervision by lecturers" earned excellent ratings.

The Centre for Higher Education (CHE) mentioned that teaching at the faculty of computer science stands out from the crowd due to its multidisciplinarity, hands-on trainings, and transfer of key competencies such as rhetoric or project management. In addition, students can choose some of their courses by themselves and thus pursue individual interests and goals. Also, lecturers provide individual feedback and prepare students for exams.

Furthermore, the faculty of computer science excels not only in teaching, but also in research: On average, each researcher collects 126,000 EUR external funding and publishes 4.2 articles per year. By this, the faculty reaches fourth place among the German universities.

The CHE ranking is the largest and most detailed ranking in the German speaking region. 2,300 German students participated in the ranking of 2015/2016.


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