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SIG@CHI2020: Challenges and Opportunities of Leveraging Intelligent Conversational Assistant to Improve the Well-being of Older Adults

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Recent advancements and economic feasibility have led to the widespread adoption of conversational digital assistants for everyday work. While research has focused on the use of these conversational assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, by young adults and families, very little work focuses on the acceptance and adaptability amongst the older adults. Our Special Interest Group (SIG) at the CHI 2020 conference aims to discuss the use and benefits of these conversational digital assistants for the well being of older adults.

The goals for our SIG are fivefold:

  • (i) explore the acceptance/adoption of voice-based conversational agents for older adults.
  • (ii) explore anthropomorphism in the design of conversational digital assistants.
  • (iii) understand triggers (scenarios of use) that can initiate the process of reminiscence thus leading to meaningful conversation.
  • (iv) explore conversational User Experience.
  • (v) explore the co-existence of non-conversational use cases.


  1. Korok Sengupta (
  2. Sayan Sarcar (
  3. Alisha Pradhan (
  4. Roisin McNaney (
  5. Sergio Sayago (
  6. Debaleena Chattopadhyay (
  7. Anirudha Joshi (


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