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Steffen Staab from Institute WeST about automatic and semi-automatic analysis of online contents

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People communicate more and more online. The contents they create thereby provide valuable information about contemporary discourse, shared and conflicting opinions. The methods for analysing this information are discussed in the workshop „Social Media – echo chamber or  public space?“ at 6th October 2016. It is hosted by the Fachgruppe Mediensprache/Mediendiskurse (professional group for language and discourse in media).
Professor Dr. Steffen Staab from the Institute for Web Science and Technologies at the University of Koblenz-Landau gives a talk about „Automatic and semi-automatic analysis of online contents“ at the workshop. He explains how online contents can be analysed automatically and semi-automatically with methods from computer science and what the limits are.
Prof. Staab’s talk contributes from a computer scientist perspective to the research question of the workshop: How can media and discourse analyses combine approaches from humanities and statistical methods to deeply analyse large amounts of online contents. Researchers from computational linguistics, digital humanities, discourse analysis, network research, media and communication science and simulation theory attend the workshop.
The programme and  abstracts can be accessed online (both in German).


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