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Artificial intelligence to summarise doctor's letters in a comprehensible way

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will help doctors to read their letters. Steffen Staab, speaker at the Rhineland-Palatinate Future Congress on Digital Health from 3 to 4 September in Koblenz, told the German Press Agency: "Our project is less about patients and more about physicians.

Hundreds of thousands of doctor's letters were received each year in a large clinic. "Among them are not only colds and flu, but also rare special cases. These should be prepared in as targeted a way as possible so that doctors understand them immediately and don't have to read ten pages somewhere first," said the Koblenz expert on the fringes of the Future Congress on Digital Health.

According to Professor Staab, several German universities and clinics are running projects on AI and doctor's letters, and companies are also dealing with them. A 100 percent functioning software does not yet exist here, he said. "It is a mammoth task. It won't be completely solved in ten years." But it is going ahead. "There are worlds between the Google search 20 years ago and today," emphasized the 49-year-old university professor. Today googling works much better. But not yet perfect. "It's always about learning from data.



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