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„Schau Genau!“ at „Nacht der Technik“

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"SchauGenau!" is a computer game with the goal of collecting flowers in a 3-dimensional landscape. Therefore, the butterfly Faltersahr is controlled by the players eye movements, which are read-out by an eye tracking device.
By this combination of innovation and challenge in a lively ambiance a lot of gaming fun came up, as the nearly 300 testers at "Nacht der Technik" approved.
However, hidden for the players, the game has an ulterior motive. In the so called picture mode, the player has to decide whether a faded-in tag fits to a following picture or not. If it does, the player has to collect the picture which is increases the players multiplier and the pictures points. By evaluating the pictures counts later on, it is possible to decide if picture and tag are likely to fit together. This system allows for example to compare the image search mechanisms of different search engines and to rate them referring their hit rate.


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