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International appreciation for the work on gaze-based Web accessibility by the Institute for Web Science & Technologies

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In April 2017 the Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) received two international awards recognising their supporting technology for physically impaired people. The web browser GazeTheWeb, which is being developed at WeST, won first prize at the Web Accessibility Challenge. The prize is awarded by the Web For All conference 2017 in Perth/Australia to acknowledge the most innovative and usable technologies to make Web accessible to all people. In addition, WeST was awarded a second prize at the renowned Word Wide Web conference 2017 for the unsupervised web extraction and extendable technical framework to include gaze events in web pages.

GazeTheWeb is a web browser using eye tracking technology. It can be operated solely with the users’ eyes. The underlying framework is published as open source and is being developed at Institute WeST by Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab and the researchers Dr. Chandan Kumar, Raphael Menges, Korok Sengupta as well as student assistant Daniel Müller. It is used in the the EU project MAMEM which aims to help users with neuromuscular conditions operating various computer applications.

Foto: Ulrich Wechselberger, CC BY 4.0


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