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Two former WeST employees found the company datapeutics

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Dr. Christoph Kling and Christian Hachenberg, both former employees of the Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST), founded datapeutics together with Dr. Alexander Zien. datapeutics supports health insurance companies, pharmacies and various digital health providers in the education of patients with personalized, patient-friendly information about drugs, with a focus on side effects. In doing so, datapeutics provides practical added value and helps the provider to increase the attractiveness of its own offer as well as customer retention. The digital health providers receive application-ready, digital services on side effects from datapeutics - figures on risks, useful search functions and patient-friendly descriptions - to inform patients about side effects in a more individual and understandable way. The basis of this offer is a knowledge base for which information from thousands of clinical trials and specialist information is extracted via text and data mining.
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