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Best Paper Award at ACM Web Science 2015 for Paper by WeST/IWVI, GESIS and TU Graz

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A current paper of WeST/IWVI in collaboration with GESIS and TU Graz has received the best paper award at the ACM Web Science conference 2015 in Oxford, UK.

The paper investigates cultural variations in different language editions on Wikipedia. It focuses on descriptions of culinary cultures in various countries. The article demonstrates that international cuisines are described quite differently among various languages on Wikipedia. This result indicates empirically that on Wikipedia, cultural phenomena are characterised in a way that is influenced by the culture itself. in addition, the paper proposes and illustrates an approach for measuring these differences. The results are an important first step for analysing collaboratively created encyclopaedias from multiple perspectives and across cultures.

  • P. Laufer, C. Wagner, F. Flöck and M. Strohmaier. Mining cross-cultural relations from Wikipedia - A study of 31 European food cultures. In ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci2015), Oxford, UK, June 28 - July 1, ACM, 2015. URL:


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