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Cats and Hamsters online – Jérôme Kunegis from WeST wins Science Slam at the International Conference on Web and Social Media

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Jérôme Kunegis from Institute WeST has won the ICWSM Science Slam in Cologne. In his entertaining talk about social networks for pets (respectively pet owners), he explained how network analysis can predict if two pet profiles are managed by one and the same human. The underlying science is of course not limited to hamsters and cats, but can be used to detect sock puppetry, whose misuse might pose a problem in any social network.

The ICWSM science slam took place on wednesday evening and is part of the 10th International Conference on Web and Social Media. The conference is co-organised by WEST's members Markus Strohmaier and Claudia Wagner and has become one of the premier conferences in the field of computational social science.

Details about the conference can be found at The scientific background of Jérôme Kunegis’ science slam is explained in his publication „Social Networking by Proxy: A Case Study of Catster, Dogster and Hamsterster“.


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