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University of Koblenz-Landau doubly successful in AI Innovation Competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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The Institute for Web Science and Technologies is represented in the "Service-Meister" Professor Dr. Steffen Staab, Director of the Institute, explains: "We want Made-in-Germany not only to be emblazoned on machines, but also German services to be outstanding around the clock and worldwide. German industry would need more experts for this, and they would then have to be in constant use. Artificial intelligence will relieve the experts of knowledge-intensive services and support the non-experts with chatbots with industry know-how. Then we will not only sell the machines, but also the knowledge of how best to operate them."

In the project "Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production (IIP-Ecosphere)" the Institute of Software Engineering (IST) under the direction of Professor Dr. Jan Jürjens is involved. The IST is concerned with approaches for the secure and trustworthy use of artificial intelligence. The project is an important building block in the university's new profile area "Engineering Trustworthy Data-intensive Systems". At the same time, this project continues the close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST in Dortmund. The joint work will further advance the "International Data Spaces.

The region also plays an important role in this context. "Our aim is not only to have an impact throughout Germany, but also to show regional strength," explains Staab. "We have founded a working group on digitization and artificial intelligence in which 17 medium-sized companies and corporations from the region are represented. In this round we are currently developing a master plan on how we can jointly shape the future trend of artificial intelligence in northern Rhineland-Palatinate in such a way that the region emerges stronger from it".

Staab emphasises that humane AI is always a central issue. "Next year we will launch an EU project in which we will work together with social scientists and lawyers to investigate artificial intelligence for its - mostly man-made - prejudices.

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