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René Pickhardt from Institute WeST as keynote speaker at WikiCon about Open Educational Resources

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René Pickhardt from Institute WeST at the University of Koblenz-Landau gave one of the four keynotes at this year’s WikiCon, the conference of the German-speaking Wikipedia community.

Open Educational Resources were the focus of his talk. He showed that the German state spends 125 billion € per year for education, a large proportion in the form of salaries for researchers and lecturers in higher education who create educational resources. „Although at the Universities we receive our salary from the taxpayer, we are legally the single and private owners of these educational materials“, René Pickhardt explained, „We can throw them away or sell them, but wouldn’t it be better if we had to make them available to the public?“ Perspectives for such public access were also scetched in René Pickhardt’s talk. A pdf of his slides and a video recording are available online – under a free licence and available and reusable for every citizen.

WikiCon is a yearly conference. This year, over 300 people attended the conference of the German-speaking Wikipedia community. Besides René Pickhardt, Saskia Esken (Member of the Federal Diet), Prof. Dr. Christian Radermacher (professor for computer science at the University of Ulm) and the director of the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg Dr. Clemens Rehm, gave keynotes.

During his work as author of the freely available Web Science MOOC by Institute WeST, René Pickhardt became part of the German Open Educational Resource community. This community promotes that publicly financed educational resources should be published under an open license.


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