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Vote for WeST at the fOERder award 2016!

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Research and teaching at WeST is mainly publicly funded and it is important to us to use the tax payers’ money responsibly. Therefore, we aim for a free and public access to our material, e.g. in the form of our online course „Introduction to Web Science“, hosted at Wikiversity.

In order to have a more sustainable way to host these open courses, we applied for the fOERder award by the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg. Our goal: expand the didactical capabilities of the Wikiversity platform and by this make it better for any publicly accessible online courses. Support this mission by giving us your vote in the fOERder award 2016! Click here to get to the voting platform – just enter your mail address and at the bottom of the page vote for „MOOC Extension für Wikiversity“.


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