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Public Keynotes about the World Wide Web from 30th June to 6th July

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The department of computer science kindly invites to attend the keynotes of the International WSTNet Web Science Summer School 2016 (WWSSS’16). From June 30th to July 6th (9.00 – 10.00 am, sharp), internationally renowned experts from various disciplines provide exciting stimuli to the largest socio-technical construct of human history: the World Wide Web.



30.6., D 239
Noshir Contractor:
Leveraging Web/Internet/Network Sciences to address Grand Societal Challenges

1.7., D 239
Nikolaus Forgó:
Privacy Law and the Web: A Story of Love and Hate?

2.7., E 011
Stéphane Bazan:
Information Warfare on the Web in the Middle East

4.7., D 239
James A. Hendler:
Social Machines 2.0:  The Coming Collision of Artificial Intelligence, Social Networking, and Humanity

5.7., D 239
Simon Köhl:
Social Entrepreneurship on the Web - Serlo's Mission to build a Wikipedia for Learning

6.7., D 239
Nuria Oliver:
Human Behavior Modeling from (Big) Data

Details about the talks and speakers can be obtained at Registration is not required to attend the keynotes.

The summer school is hosted by the department of computer science. Contents are related to the Master programme in Web Science ( 


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