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WeST and GESIS host workshop about reference extraction and citation networks

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Citation networks are a crucial element for literature research in many research areas. They ease the identification of relevant sources and can be used for metrics that illustrate the impact of authors and publications. However, particularly in the German social sciences these citation networks are not covered sufficiently.

The DFG research project EXCITE aims to fill this gap. A first project workshop will take place from 30th to 31st March 2017 in Cologne. Experts in reference extraction, text mining, and data mining will discuss current solutions for automatic extraction of citation data from publications. Talks of researchers from eight countries are expected.

Within its two year duration, EXCITE will generate an extensive citation network for the German social sciences. For this, researchers from the Institute for Web Science and Technologies and GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences will analyse several hundred thousand publications. The resulting citation information will be published on established web portals an in the form of linked open data.

Late addition: Paul Groth, Director of Disruptive Technologies at Elsevier, NL, provided a subjective, but very nice report about the workshop.


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