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Best Paper Award at World Wide Web 2015 Conference for WeST/IWVI and Partners

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A current publication from Institute WeST/IWVI has received the renowned best paper award at the 24. World Wide Web conference (WWW‘2015). the result of joint research from WeST/IWVI, GESIS, and the University of Würzburg as well as the TU Graz.

The paper presents a novel approach for examining hypotheses about sequential data. The proposed method allows for the evaluation and comparison of different explanations of user behavior on the web. The results have various practical implications: from the optimisation of web-based information systems to a better understanding of sequential data on the web.

This year's Word Wide Web conference was held from 18–22 May 2015 in Florence, Italy. It is the leading conference in web research and has about 1600 visitors. The program featured 131 accepted papers that were selected from 929 submissions (14,1% acceptance rate). Scientists from universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Oxford, Cornell or Columbia University as well as from companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo presented their latest web research.

In the past two years, excellent research from Stanford (2013) and Harvard (2014) University received the best paper award. Now, the University of Koblenz­Landau follows up the list of awardees in 2015.

  • Details about the publication: P. Singer, D. Helic, A. Hotho, and M. Strohmaier. Hyptrails: A bayesian approach for comparing hypotheses about human trails. In 24th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2015), Firenze, Italy, May 18 ­ May 22, ACM, 2015. URL:


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