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Koblenz Eye-Tracking Research Excels at Premier Human-Computer Interaction Conferences

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PhD student Tina Walber will present two full papers on eye-tracking research done in Koblenz at two upcoming premier conferences on human-computer interaction.

At the A-ranked ACM IUI-2014: The International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, which will be held in Haifa, Israel, February 24-27, Tina will give the paper "Tagging-by-Search: Automatic Image Region Labeling Using Gaze Information Obtained from Image Search". In this paper the authors, Tina Walber, Chantal Neuhaus and Ansgar Scherp, describe how regions in images returned by an image search engine can be related to the search terms, thus extending the knowledge that the search engine has about the photo stock.

The second paper will appear at the A*-ranked ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. In this paper on "Smart Photo Selection: Interpret Gaze as Personal Interest", Tina Walber, Ansgar Scherp and Steffen Staab describe their research on how you can filter your own photo collection, but also photo collections of others, for an interesting subset of photos just by browsing the collection and observing user's gaze.


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