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We are concerned with the reproducibility of our research results, and therefore we make available datasets related to our research on this page. New datasets are added to the top of this list.

  • Test-rig Ontology: Ontology formalizing a test rig together with a questionnaire to evaluate semantics for SPARQL Update. The ontology was created by our project partners at Engineering Design, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, during EVOWIPE project.
  • SchemEx: An approach and tool for web-scale, real-time indexing and schema extraction of Linked Open Data (LOD) at linear runtime complexity
  • KONECT: The Koblenz Network Collection, a large collection of network datasets from many different application areas
  • Finding Good URLs: A dataset and gold standard for evaluating the identification of a suitable URI for a given entity
  • Gaze Tagging: Photos, ground truth data, and gaze paths of our gaze tagging eye tracking experiment
  • FREuD: User-generated CNET product reviews annotated with product features discussed in the reviews and sentiment orientation about the feature
  • Temporal Wikipedia Hyperlink Networks: Multi-language temporal Wikipedia hyperlink networks used for the analysis of structural dynamics in knowledge networks, including edge removal events
  • 50 template dataset: Evaluation datasets for web fingerprinting
  • PINTS Experiments Data Sets: Two large datasets crawled from Flickr and Delicious in 2006 and 2007 containing temporal user-tag-resouce relations
  • Search sessions of the MyTag portal: Search sessions that were performed on the MyTag search engine (available on request)
  • Semantic Desktop Evaluation: Task descriptions and screenshots of the evaluation wizard, as well as questions and results from the subjective feedback questionnaire employed in the summative evaluation of the X-COSIM semantic desktop
  • TripleRank Datasets: Datasets used for the analysis and evaluation of TripleRank
  • Spatial Context Evaluation Framework: Dataset for the evaluation of spatial reasoning and region labelling approaches
  • SPLE: Goal-oriented Software Product Line Engineering