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DFG Project: Social Information Processing

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Installing and operating a computing and storage cloud for the processing of information from the social and the semantic Web.

Research endeavours of the Institute WeST relate to the Web being a globally distributed, networked system of data and services. Data and information that is created and published in the Web exhibits huge volumes, it is created at large velocity, it is structured in a huge variety of formats and concepts and veracity is often questionable. To understand the Web we target the analysis of its data, information and networks. Thus, we require large computing and storage capacity to analyse, e.g., social media or semantic networks. In the DFG project “Social Information Processing” we have built up and operate a cloud comprising 408 cores and a 420 TB Storage cluster to satisfy such needs. This is a joint project with the research groups on information systems (Prof. Schubert) and eGovernment (Prof. Wimmer).


  • Operating Time: 01/2018
  • Source of Funding: DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
  • Partner:
    • Arbeitsgruppe Betriebliche Anwendungssysteme (Prof.Dr. Schubert)
    • Arbeitsgruppe eGovernment (Prof. Dr. Wimmer)