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Research includes evaluation: we implement our algorithms so we can compare their performance. Therefore, we create prototypes in our projects that use our latest technology. By this we are always on the interface of research and application. Of course all our software is published under free licenses so the community can access it and we can improve it together.

Software maintained by WeST

Software and Services

  • EXparser: An online tool to extract and parse references from PDF docuemnts
  • Koral: A fast-forward distributed RDF store aiming to be independent of the underlying data placement strategy
  • Liteq: language integrated types, extensions and queries
  • λ-DL: A typed lambda calculus for semantic data

Semantic Web

  • Tweety: collection of Java libraries for logical aspects of artificial intelligence and knowledge representation
  • X-Cosim: cross-context semantic information management
  • SchemEx: Tool for realtime rendering and schema extraction of Linked Open Data

Interactive Web and Human Computing

  • GazeTheWeb: explore the Web with your eyes! A gaze-controlled Web browser
  • eyeGUI: load, manipulate and render user interfaces for eyetracking input defined in xml files describing layouts
  • Schau genau!: Eyetracking game for State Horticultural Show Landau 2015
  • MobileSensing: Android app for sensor collection
  • Timeslider: two-dimensional representation of spatiotemporal events for mobile applications

Web Search and Data Mining

  • Topic Modelling Portal: Tools and tutorials for Web Scientists and Computational Social Scientists
  • KONECT Toolbox: network analysis toolbox for Matlab
  • Graphity: graph database index, based on Neo4j
  • Template Detection: compute template fingerprints over HTML documents
  • MGTM: multi-Dirichlet geographical topic models
  • Typology: data structure and algorithms for large amounts of text

No longer maintained by WeST

Semantic Web


  • Cicero: argumentation wiki for ontology engineering
  • COMM: the Core Ontology for Multimedia

Applications of Semantic Web and Ontologies

  • SemFS: semantic filesystem
  • LENA: Fresnel lens-based RDF/linked data navigator with SPARQL selector support
  • SAM: semantics aware messenger
  • Querying for Meta Knowledge: managing source, authorship and certainty with SPARQL
  • NEON Toolkit: ontology engineering environment
  • SAIQL: querying OWL ontologies

Ontology-based Management of Complex Dynamic Systems


  • strukt: semantic integration of individual knowledge work and organizational knowledge work by means of the pattern-based core ontology strukt
  • stevie: mobile visualization and interaction of temporal information by integrating support for time
  • FolkSim: analyze folksonomies through agent-based simulation
  • Process Ontology: Prozessmodellierung und Retrieval mit OWL
  • dgFOAF: an approach for distributed group management based on the well known Friend-of-a-Friend (FOAF) vocabulary
  • twouse: integrating semantic web and model driven development
  • mobilefacets: an intuitive and easy to use mobile application to access a large, distributed data set of different social media sources on a touchscreen mobile phone