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Institute WeST


We are successful in research and always with the latest developments in the Web technologies. You can benefit from our expertise! As research institution we are interested in cooperations and the spread of knowledge in the web area.

Lectures and Seminars

Web 2.0, service-oriented computing, and usability are just some of the topics on which we already give lectures and seminars. Well-known companies like Debeka invite us regularly to expand the education training program for their employees. We give presentations on our latest research results and basic web topics and thereby make our topics available to the public. Here you find some published talks on topics such as knowledge bases, the Semantic Web, and Web 3.0.

Use of Web Technologies 

Our research deals with the latest web technologies. We also do research on your topics! 

The sematification of data and the processing of semi-structured data are becoming increasingly important because of the ever-growing amount of data. In this context, we have supported the German National Library using semantic technologies to link subject headings and classes of the Dewey Decimal Classification.

User Studies and Crowd Sourcing

To understand the users' behavior is of importance when developing software or user interfaces. Our expertise in the area of human-computer-communication could also support you! We can conduct user studies for analyzing the interaction of users with software interfaces or web pages. The methods we are using include questionnaires, eye tracking or interviews.

Also the conduction of crowd sourcing studies is part of our work. The crowd sourcing approach aims at solving tasks by contributions from a large group of people on special web pages.