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MSc. Web Science

As of Fall 2019 the program "Master in Web Science" will not accept new students. Instead, we will offer the program "Master in Web and Data Science". Starting from winter semester 2019/20, all newly incoming students will be automatically enrolled to "Master in Web and Data Science". If your application interface still says Master in Web Science, then it's due to the ongoing adaptation and will soon change to its correct naming.


All Non-Course-Related Issues

Ms. Ines Tobis from the University's Welcome Center can give advice in non course-related, international matters (e.g. visa, accomodation, fees, enrollment, scholarships, German courses, health insurance for international students and others).


Having trouble with uni-assist? Dr. Iryna Shalaginova, head of the International Affairs department, is the contact person for uni-assist. Please direct any Uni-Assist related issue to her and include your uni-assist application number in your e-mail.

Waiting for your admission letter? Ms. Alexandra Weidenbach from our university's office of the registrar will send your admission letter both per e-mail and postal mail after we have decided if you will be admitted. 1-2 weeks after uni-assist informed you that your application has been forwarded to the university, she can tell you the status of your application letter. Always include your uni-assist application number in your e-mail.

Usually, successful applicants will receive notification from our University's Registrar's Office approx. 2 weeks after uni-assist sent the documents to the University. Due to the high working load during admission periods (Dec–Feb, Jun–Aug), rejected applicants will receive notification later. Please do not ask about the status of your application during these periods, as the Registrar's Office is extremely busy then

Course Guidance

Claudia Schon from the Institute for Web Science and Technologies will answer your questions about the curriculum, examination regulations and course requirements. However, please check our information sites on application procedurerequirements, and course structure before. Do not send applications and documents to this address unless we ask you to do so. 

Please do not ask us about the status of your application, refer to the registrar's office instead (see above).

Furthermore, students from the M.Sc. Web Science programme created a Wiki page with helpful information about the programme:


If you would like to stay in touch with us or other Web Science students, check our social media channels.