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Semantic Web

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Summer Term 2005

The lecture on Semantic Web targets students of the summer academy, informatics, computational visualistics, information management as well as students of other studies. As background we expect basic knowledge of 1st order predicate logics.


You can now register for participating in the exam at MeToo.
The 60 minutes written exam will be hold on 29.7.2005 at 10.15 hrs.


BSCW Folder for this Lecture (get your invitation in the excercise)

Including excercises and including


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Relevant Literature

Basic overview of Semantic Web Idea:

  • Berners-Lee T, Hendler J, and Lassila O (2001) The semantic web. Scientific American, pp 35-43. (read it with a grain of salt)

Technologies & Applications:

  • Steffen Staab, Rudi Studer: Handbook on Ontologies, Springer 2004 (parts of it).
  • F. Baader, D. Calvanese, D.L. McGuinness, D. Nardi, P.F. Patel-Schneider, Description Logic Handbook, edited by, Cambridge University Press, 2002 (parts of it).


Useful resources

Rules engines: Ontobroker, XSB, Triple

RDF engine: Sesame OWL API

OWL + rules reasoner: Kaon2

OWL reasoners: Fact, DLP Reasoner, Racer, Pellet

Query Engine + APIs: Jena

Query Language: SPARQL

RDF Spec, RDF Tutorial

OWL Spec, OWL Tutorial

Lecture schedule

  Date Topic Slides
  23.6. Motivation intro.pdf
1 24.6.    
  28.6. Exercise  
2 30.6. Ontologies (WordNet, UMLS, Gene Ontology, Galen) 2-ontologies.pdf
3 1.7 XML 3-xml.pdf
  5.7 Excercise  
4 7.7. RDF 4-rdf.pdf
5 8.7.    
  12.7 Excercise  
6 14.7. Logic; OWL (cf Rector et al. OWL Pizzas: Practical Experience of Teaching OWL-DL: Common Errors & Common Patterns, in EKAW 2004: 63-81.) 5-logic.pdf
7 15.7.   6-owl.pdf
8 19.7 Excercise  
  21.7. Applications of OWL (Ontology Engineering - A. Rector "Modularisation of Domain Ontologies Implemented in Description Logics and related formalisms including OWL" in K-Cap-2003; Web Service Discovery - S. Grimm et al. "Variance in e-Business Service Discovery" in Semantic Web Services: Preparing to Meet the World of Business Applications, workshop at ISWC 2004)  
9 22.7. Ontology Lifecycle 7-ontology-lifecycle.pdf
  26.7. Exercise  
10 28.7. Ontology Lifecycle & Evaluation  
  29.7. exam