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Advanced Data Modeling

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Summer Term 2008

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  • Start of lectures: 07.04.08, 16:00
  • Start of tutorial: 15.04.08, 08:15
  • No lecture on 2008-04-21 and no tutorial on 2008-04-22 .
  • Updated information on exam.

General Information


Advanced Data Modeling Mo 16-18 Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab
V2 a IM(M), Inf(M), CV(M) A 120  
Advanced Data Modeling, Exercises Di 08:15-10 Simon Schenk
Ü2 a IM(M), Inf(M), CV(M) B 016  

For Students of Master Informatik, Schwerpunkt DKE and Master Informationsmanagement, Wahlpflicht Informatik

The lecture will be held in English. If no English speaking students apply, the language might be changed to German.

Prerequisites: Databases I, Logics for Computer Science

ECTS-Credits: 4


  • Prerequisites for admission to the exam: 3 presentations of exercises at the tutorial.
  • Oral exam.


This lecture will give students the neccessary background knowledge to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various datta modeling paradigms and to use the corresponding szstems.

  1. Foundations
  2. Objectoriented databases
    • Modeling
    • ODL
    • OQL
  3. Objectrelational databases
    • Extensibility
    • Modeling
    • Functions
  4. Deductive Databases (slides4: ppt, pdf; slides5: ppt, pdf, slides 7: ppt, slides 8: ppt, slides 9: ppt, slides 10: ppt, slides 11: ppt)
    • Equivalence to relational model (slides 6: pdf)
    • Stratified semantics
    • Perfect model semantics
  5. Semi-structured Databases
    • OEM
    • XML & XML Schema
    • Xquery

(6. Description Logics) (slides 7: pdf, full presentation)


 Interesting Literature:

Tutorial and Exercises

  • Exercises are mandatory.
  • Questions about exercises will only be answered at the tutorial.
  • New exercises will be handed out at the day of the lecture.
  • Deadline for handing in exercises is 23:59h on the Saturday before the next lecture

Exercises I, 2008-04-07 (</a>pdf); solution (pdf)</p>

Exercises II, 2008-04-14 (pdf)

Exercises III, 2008-05-07 (pdf); solution (pdf)

Exercises IV, 2008-05-20 (pdf); solution (pdf)

Exercises V, 2008-05-27 (pdf); solution (pdf, paper on mapping Datalog to Relational Algebra)

Exercises VI, 2008-06-02 (pdf); solution (pdf)

Exercises VII, 2008-05-27 (pdf)

Exercises VIII, 2008-07-01 (pdf); solution (pdf, svg)

Exercises IX, 2008-07-01 (pdf)