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Forschungspraktikum Flash Search Engine

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Summer Term 2010


  • Pre-meeting for the Flash Search Engine is February 10, 2010 in the AGAS Coffee Kitchen, B building, 3rd Floor at 11am


Goal of the MSc project group is to design, implement, and deploy a search engine for rich Flash presentations on the Web. Nowadays, Flash presentations constitue a black box in the web as they are not accessible to the search engines. This is mainly due to the nature of Flash content as binary format and the lack of semantic annotations of them.

Tasks to be performed in the project group:

  • Harvesting of Flash content from the Web and selecting an intial dataset for analysis 
  • Extracting the basic properties of the Flash presentations such as media assets (text, image, audio, video) and structural information like temporal course and spatial layout 
  • Semantic representing the Flash presentation properties as a graph using RDF 
  • Applying graph analysis tools for searching in the content and finding similar presentations 
  • Developing novel user interfaces for querying the Flash search engine

The project group is open for international students. Both Masters' students and
Diploma students can particpate.