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Semantic Web

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Summer Term 2011

The ROOM of this course is K-208.

Course materials and detailed infos will be hosted here:


Semantic web describes data on the web maintaining its semantics in such a way that other web applications may "understand" the meaning of the data with only little effort. Semantic web has developed from a research initiative in the late 20th century into a fast growing infrastructure for application domains, such as bioinformatics or eGovernment. This infrastructure is driven by W3C standards as well as by methods and technologies from a diverse area of computer science disciplines, such as artificial intelligence, databases and human-computer interaction.


Lecturer: Sergej Sizov

The lecture is given in English. Lectures (corresponding to 2h/week).

Credits: 2 SWS, 3 ECTS


This lecture is part of the international summer academy and therefore is held in the last 4 weeks of the term. Students from Koblenz may however attend and earn credits as usual!


Written examination at the end of the course.


Here is the corresponding entry for the lecture in Klips.



  • XML, RDF, RDFa, OWL;
  • Ontologies, ontology engineering, ontology design patterns;
  • SPARQL, named graphs, networked graphs, provenance;
  • Semantics in user interfaces;
  • Linked open data;
  • Information extraction;
  • Semantic search and ranking.


Supplemental materials will be published online at the beginning of the course.