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Seminar "Recommender Systems" (Summer 2015)

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Summer Term 2015

This is a seminar about Recommender Systems held in Summer Term 2015. The seminar is organized by Dr. Jérôme Kunegis. The seminar is intended for master students in the areas of Web Science, Computer Science, and related fields.  The seminar is held in English, and will consist of individual talks by individual students or groups of two students.  Each group (or individual student) will research and prepare one topic in the area of recommender systems, will give a talk about it, and will write a paper about it.



  • Kick-off meeting on Thursday April 9 at 14:00 c.t. in B017
  • We have a weekly room available which we only used when announced:  Tuesday 10:00–12:00 F330.
  • June 11:  send draft of paper and slides to <>
  • June 9 10:00–12:00 s.t. F330:  individual feedback sessions with the groups (in 20 minute slots, in numerical order of topics)
  • July 21 10:00-12:00 F330:  second round of feedback
  • July 27 14:00–18:00 c.t.: presentations
  • August 28:  papers due


Each topic is assigned one specific paper (see Introduction.pdf for papers):

  • Classical recommender systems:  item-based algorithms (Jochen Hunz)
  • Matrix decomposition recommenders:  algorithms with missing values (Patrick Schmitz)
  • The Netflix Prize (Christian Banyai)
  • Dating recommenders and the split-complex numbers (Holger Heinz)
  • Context-aware recommenders (Stephan Manthe)
  • User interface issues (Michael Heinen)

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