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Big Data

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Summer Term 2020

Please note that lectures start from 20.04 this semester!


This course will cover a variety of topics relating to managing Big Data, underlying algorithms and practices, as well as methods for analysis.

In this semester, there will be no on-campus lectures or tutorials. Instead, we will provide Screencasts as lectures and livestreams for tutorials. To share the screencasts, we will use OLAT. Please register for the course in OLAT in order to get access to the material provided by us.

You require a passwort in order to register for the course as the materials are non-public. The password will be send around to everyone who is registered in KLIPS shortly before the lecture starts (~16.04). Please get in touch with Martin Leinberger in case there is any problem with that.


Students are expected to have background knowledge on (i) data bases, (ii) data analysis, e.g. data science or machine learning, and (iii) must know how to program. Students without programming experience are not welcome.


There will be weekly lectures held by Dr. Zeyd Boukhers and Martin Leinberger. Please register in KLIPS for the lecture. The registration periods have been extended. All lectures will be provided as screencasts.


Students will deepen their understanding of this course during the practical programming exercises. Please register in KLIPS for the tutorials. Tutorials will most likely take the form of livestreams that allow for asking questions and discussing issues.


We are currently planning to have written exams at the end of the lecture period. However, depending on the situation in July, this may change to another mode.


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