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Other Research Labs

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Summer Term 2022

There are several research labs proposed by other institutes that are suitable for Web & Data Science students:

 Topic Contact  Remark 
 AI & Covid (IWVI)  
 ML-based Business Process Model Recommender Systems (IWVI)  
 Social Process Mining (IWVI)  
 Analysis, comparison and integration of existing data warehousing
technologies (MJU) (IWVI)  
 Implemplementation of a microservice for the SoNBO application and the
realization of system-internal communication (SME) (IWVI)  
 AI & Ciovid (IWVI)  
 Smart Winery IoT sensornet (IWVI)  
 Smart Trading Platform (IfM)  
 Engineering Trustworthy Software-intensive Systems (Ifi) Link

Please contact the responsible person or visit the institute website for more information.