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Summer Term 2022

There are several research labs proposed by other institutes that are suitable for Web & Data Science students:

 Topic Contact  Remark 
 AI & Covid (IWVI)  
 ML-based Business Process Model Recommender Systems (IWVI)  
 Social Process Mining (IWVI)  
 Implementation of a data warehouse for transactional data from enterprise
collaboration systems (FSC) (IWVI)  
 Development of a Microsoft PowerBI dashboard for Social Collaboration
Analytics (FSC) (IWVI)  
  Comparison and evaluation of data science capabilities in Microsoft Azure
Analytics and IBM Cloud in the context of Business Intelligence and Social
Collaboration Analytics (FSC) (IWVI)  
 Analysis, comparison and integration of existing data warehousing
technologies (MJU) (IWVI)  
 Implemplementation of a microservice for the SoNBO application and the
realization of system-internal communication (SME) (IWVI)  
 AI & Ciovid (IWVI)  
 Smart Winery IoT sensornet (IWVI)  
 Smart Trading Platform (IfM)  
 Engineering Trustworthy Software-intensive Systems (Ifi) Link

Please contact the responsible person or visit the institute website for more information.